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Discover a seamless experience in Tele Shopping Order Management. And Take control over your business by deploying an all in one Tele Shopping order management CRM.

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Discover a seamless experience in Tele Shopping Order Management

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Manage Your Agent

You can use Machine View or Scan View to manage the machines that are running an agent policy.

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Manage Logistic Team

Logistics managers are responsible for managing and ensuring the proper functioning of logistics operations.

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Secure Login

SECURE is a workflow based system. In SECURE, the work name & work codes are received from Mahatma Gandhi NREGA MIS to the concerned Block/GP

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Permission Based Roles

Users are assigned one or more roles, and their access rights are determined based on the permissions associated with those roles.

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100% faster implementation than most customer service software

Customizable workspace that works across any industry, brand, and department

Hassle-free migration with the help of our account executives

No hidden costs, long-term contracts, and lock-ins

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